Beautiful Unattended Home Birth


Late on Fri. night Mar. 26th I had a peaceful feeling come over me, and after I put my 2.5 yr. Old daughter to sleep, could not get to sleep me and stayed up with my husband till about 2 am. No contractions, but I knew something was different. I was already two weeks overdue at this time and had been having contractions on and off for the whole month. Sometimes these contractions were so strong I was sure I was in labor until I went to take a nap or go to bed and they stopped(a sure sign you are not in labor).

The next morning I woke up at 8:30 am because mild contractions woke me up. This time I knew it was the real thing!!! I was so happy I had let nature take its course and let this baby be born when he decided it was time. I was nervous when his due date came and went because my daughter was born early, but I had a few very supportive friends who knew better than I did that my baby was happy in there, or he would let me know otherwise.

My labor ran its course, and I was dealing with the contractions very slowly. Just taking each one as it came. I’d stop what I was doing and look out the window. It was windy that day, and I just watched the trees sway, very relaxing. I kept upright and walking because that was what was most comfortable for me. I found if I sat down the contractions not only slowed down but I could not deal with them as well when they came. So I just paced around our small house, doing light cleaning (only because I knew I wouldn’t get another chance to for a while). My husband and I got out our birth supplies we had gathered a month earlier and got the bed ready and put plastic and an old blanket down on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I got into the bath for a little while which felt good. Then went back to walking. My daughter went with her grandpa for a while, and I was actually sorry she wasn’t there for the actual birth. I was in the bathroom at 6:00 pm. taking my time, and I had two contractions on the toilet pretty close together that, when I went through them, I was shaking a little bit they were so strong. At this point, I realized I was in transition from what I had read and would give birth very, very, soon.

I got a burst of energy and walked very briskly to the bedroom where I informed my husband what had happened. He just had enough time to go and scrub up his hands, before the baby began to descend. Then I kneeled down being supported by a small stool where I felt the urge to push. When I say that I mean that my body was pushing!! I had no control over these. They came with every contraction and were so strong I was screaming. Not because it hurt really but because I could feel that the baby was pushing his way out into the world. I was not physically pushing as they tell you to at the hospital. It was just coming out. This was the only time during the whole labor that I felt uncomfortable at all. I could sort of talk thru contractions, and they weren’t ever uncontrollable like when I had my daughter two yrs earlier, where my toes curled in pain. The baby started to crown, and I could feel a ring of fire for only a minute or so while my husband and I touched the head and supported my perineum until another contraction came and the head came all the way out. My wonderful husband was practically yelling “It’s head is out, it’s all the way out.” I replied “my baby! Is that my baby?!? Does he look okay? What is he doing?” He said, “I suctioned his mouth and nose, his eyes are closed.”

There seemed to be a pause in the action for a moment while we were waiting for the shoulders to turn. I wondered if I needed to help them turn, so I reached in there and felt a cord wrapped loosely around baby’s neck which we lifted over the head. Then a second later I got the final contraction when the shoulders turned and were pushed into my husband’s hands behind me. He pulled the rest of the body out (which felt really weird to feel all these arms and legs coming out of you). Then there we were mommy daddy and baby BOY!!! Just what we’d been hoping for! We were lost in a circle of love where we were laughing and crying for joy. I felt ecstatic; everything was so perfect it couldn’t have been better if I had dreamed it.

We named our 9lb. 21 inch. Boy, Timber Lewis Makoons(little bear). He is just as much an angel as he was the second he was born. The weirdest part of this whole story is that it all seemed so normal like it was just meant to be that way, and we just followed that divine plan. The first time I knew I was to have this kind of birth, was months back before I even got pregnant. I had a beautiful dream where I had a baby boy with a head full of thick black hair just like my daughter. In this dream, I was squatting, and I held my baby as it emerged in front of me all by myself. Personally, I think every woman with a normal pregnancy should birth at home. It makes you so comfortable to be in your own clothes and your own home with people you know, that birth is just how it should be, part of life.

Homebirth of Timber Lewis Makoons as told by his mother

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